The expert database was built up in 2003 by Network Migration in Europe e.V. and the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The aim is to encourage increased awareness throughout Europe of the “Migration, Immigrant Society and Diversity” concerns.
The Migration Expert Database serves as a link between experts and the wider European public interested in these policy issues.
It promotes dialogue, networking, and transfer between scholars, the media, cultural, policy and business spheres, and supports work in the field of active european citizenship education.
It contains information about european experts from governmental and non-governmental organisations, universities and research institutes, who are occupied with the themes of "Migration - Immigrant Society - Intercultural Life".
It addresses teachers, students, multiplicators in non-governmental organisations, political, economic and cultural professionals and journalists.

You can search for experts in German-speaking countries or throughout Europe by entering themes or key words or you can add yourself as an expert to the database.

Internet Access and User Registration: http://www.network-migration.org/experten/datenbank.php

Editor: Dr. Anne von Oswald, Network Migration in Europe e.V., experts@network-migration.org