Below, you can find several links to further Learning Projects centered around topics like human rights, refugees or migrants.

United Nations Lesson Plan on Refugees - What's going on?

This lesson presents an overview of where, why, how and in what conditions persons become refugees or internally displaced. The activity defines the terms for both groups and examines in what conditions persons leave their homes and countries. Students will learn that refugees and internally displaced children face serious problems. This lesson examines the fragility of refugees and internally displaced persons and what international documents protect their human rights.

Amnesty International Lesson Plans - Human Rights Education

These lessons are carefully crafted by education professionals and represent the teaching perspectives of the authors and the Human Rights Education division of Amnesty International USA. You can find various Lesson Plans  dealing with human rights for Middle School as well as for High School students.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project - Teaching Human Rights

The Eleanor Roosevelt Project is as innovative and multi-faceted as the woman whose work it preserves and presents. As Eleanor Roosevelt moved from first lady to diplomat to citizen activist, she not only became the most ardent champion of human rights, but also one of the century’s most prolific journalists - publishing more than 8,000 columns, 580 articles, 27 books, 100,000 letters, delivering over 1000 speeches, and appearing on more than 300 radio and television shows.
The web-portal offers various lesson plans around human rights and the United Nations.

Youth for Human Rights - Educational Programs

The Youth for Human Rights educational programs and activities - including contests, projects, campaigns and events - are inspiring young people and catalyzing groups working for human rights education throughout the world.
At no charge to educators, Youth for Human Rights International provides a complete package of teaching tools - including a teacher’s guide, booklets and videos—that can be used in any classroom globally.

National Geographic Lesson Plan - Migration: Why People Move?

This lesson will review the reasons humans move around the planet. It will focus on international migrations (as well as internal migration in the U.S. which can be left out). Students will form small groups and research one example of migration in depth. Students will think about their own potential migration and the reasons behind that decision; answer and discuss questions about human mobility using figures and graphs; explain migration in terms of push and pull factors; relate migration patterns to economic, political, social, and environmental factors; and finally create a map of a past or present human migration.

UNHCR Lesson Plans

UNHCR offers standards-driven lesson plans for elementary, middle and high school. The lesson plans are geared toward English/Language Arts and Social Studies. Throughout this website you will find additional resources that can enhance each plan. UNHCR also offers ways for students to get further involved in helping refugees both inside and outside the classroom.