Compass – a manual for human rights Education

Compass was first published in 2002 and has established itself as a formidable resource and supporting publication for the Human Rights Education Youth Programme of the Council of Europe.
Chapter 1 of Compass provides a useful overview of the aims and objectives of human rights education, as well as general principles and guidance on methodology.

Compass was originally developed around fifteen themes which are closely related to human rights, and it contains activities and useful background information on all of these. In particular, there is a basic introduction to human rights, including questions and answers on common concerns. The campaign has enabled the original 15 themes to be extended to include seven more which address issues of direct relevance to the campaign and to young people today: Diversity, participation, intercultural dialogue, remembrance, terrorism, disabilism and religion.

There are several new activities on each of these themes and new background information which sets out the current debates and issues.
At least 20 language editions have been produced, and more are planned. You can access the Arabic, English, French and Russian versions at the Compass website: www.coe.int/compass