Brothers and Sisters

Director: Esra Ersen, Turkey 2003, 23 min., Multilingual with English subtitels

As in previous works, Esra Ersen becomes part of a group in Brothers and Sisters. For six months, she accompanies a number of illegal immigrants from Africa and becomes acquainted with their world, describing their cultural milieu and restricted social environment in her video. Ersen draws the viewer’s attention to the cultural and social conflicts between the immigrants and the Muslim inhabitants of Istanbul.

For a moment freedom - Ein Augenblick Freiheit

Director: Arash T. Riahi, Österreich, Frankreich 2009, 110 min., farsi, türk., engl.  OmU

Ali and Merdad are on the bus. They look worried. They have their children – Azy and Arman – on their knees. The family is on its way to the Iranian-Turkish border, illegally and constantly in fear of a police control. Lale and Hassan are also making the same exhausting trip with their young son Kian. After the bus trip, they set out on foot and make their way through barren landscapes. A labyrinthine trail finally leads them to Turkey. They end up in a shabby hotel in Ankara where they befriend two people who could not be more different from each other – the permanently optimistic and streetwise Manu and the grave political activist Abbas. In the first few days, the refugees make the most of the hitherto untasted pleasures of freedom. Their lives are not jeopardised by bullying Revolutionary Guards, there is no compulsion to wear the veil, and there are no other visible signs of repression. For a moment, they think they really have gained their longed-for freedom. But a punishing wait begins and their feelings yo-yo between hope and disappointment … The feature debut of Austro-Iranian director Arash T. Riahi (Exile Family Movie) tells the tragicomic story of three groups of refugees, of the courage they have to try and create a better life for themselves, and of their first breaths of free air after a long period of repression. With the protagonists, the viewers experience unusually comical scenes from everyday life – moments of great love and lack of trust, touching shows of friendship and scenes of shocking baseness. In his film, that is a rollercoaster of emotions, Riahi, who was born in Iran, processes his own experiences and those of other former refugees. The audience is drawn into the stories by their humour. "When people laugh, they open their minds," says Riahi, whose film meets the highest standards of cinema.

Hotel Almanya

Director: Ebru Karaca, Germany/Turkey 2004, 18 min.

Short feature film about a hotel in Istanbul where "illegal" migrants were detained by the police.

In the Outskirts (Am Rande der Städte)

Director: Aysun Bademsoy, Germany 2005, 83 min.

"Deutschländer" are Turkish people, which removed back to Turkey after decades in Germany. For many of them their assumed home dismantles as strange: Insular from the environment, they live in apartment- complexes in the outskirts like all-inclusive-tourists. The German-Turkish filmmaker Aysun Bademsoy explores the living-conditions in this colonies and creates a film diary. The results of the research show a video-installation and a documentary movie in the end.

In Transit - A documentary on transient migrants

Director: Berke Bas, Turkey 2004, 40 min.

In Transit is a 40-minute digital video documentary about transnational migration focusing on the Istanbul step of journey to Europe and North America for many migrants from the Middle East, West Africa and South Asia and chronicling the wait of three migrant families who have tried or are still trying all possible means to travel to a western country.

Jannan - The Deportation (Die Abschiebung)

Director: Tim van Beveren, Germany 1984-1986, 102 min.

Inspired by several real single destinies of in Germany living foreigners and asylum seekers the film tells the story of the young Kurd Jannan, which takes refuge to Germany, to get away from the political persecution in his Turkish homeland.

The Edge of Heaven (Auf der anderen Seite)

Director: Fatih Akin, Germany/ Turkey, 2007, 122 min.

Akin's latest movie is about a father and son, and a mother and a daughter; it's also about the gulf and gap between Europe and Turkey, between the West and Islam, between repentance and forgiveness.

To Alany! A new Home in Turkey (Auf nach Alanya! Neue Heimat Türkei)

Director: Jochen Menzel, Germany 2005, 42 min.

A baker, a beauty-salon owner and a large number of retirees that enjoy
themselves at the Riviera in Turkey - all of them emigrants from Germany who started all over again.
The film, shot in May 2005, reports on the brisk developing German community and an amusing Türkisch-German everyday life. It emphasizes urgent questions on integration and 'parallel societies' turning it all around for German migrants in Turkey.

Unawarded Performances

Director: Gülsün Karamustafa, Turkey 2004, 25 min., Moldovan/Turkish

The film is based on the reality of Moldavian women consumed in rich households in Istanbul which contrasts with their representation in the Turkish media.

Welcome Europa

Director : Bruno Ulmer, France 2006, 90 min.

A haunting documentary that depicts the portrait of ten young immigrants, accompanied by Bruno Ulmer throughout several months in different European countries. Arriving from Romania, Morocco, Turkey, they were pushed by the hope for a better life. But in longed for Europe they find themselves struggling for bare survival, without documents and working permits, discovering soon that no place is left for illusions. While portraying the intimate, daily struggle to conserve their dignity in a merciless environment, the film reflects the bitter outgrowths of the Schengen agreement and the contradictions of wealthy Europe.