Between home and abroad (Zwischen Heimat und Fremde)

Director: Medienprojekt Wuppertal e.V., Germany 2006, 75 min.

The video tells about the flight, expulsion and resettlement of Polish and German people during and after the Second World War.

Dear Muslim... (Lieber Muslim...)

Director: Kerstin Nickig, Cecylia Pacura, Germany 2005, 36 min., OmU

Documentation about a Chechen refugee family in Poland.
Together with her husband Said-Selim and her 4-year old son Muslim, Sacita escaped from the terrible Chechen war. Without any vision for their future the family lives in the Polish refugee camp  Zajazd Zacisze and waits for the approval of their petition for asylum. The documentary showes the difficult situation for numerous Chechen refugees in Poland.

Jarmark Europa

Director: Minze Tummescheid, Germany 2004, Multilingual with English subtitels

"Jarmark Europa" at Warsaw's Dziesieciolecia Stadium, is one of Eastern Europe's largest bazaars and a centre for small trade that doesn't appear on any tax declarations. The traders come from a variety of countries in the former Soviet Union. They transport their goods to Warsaw or other cities west of the ex- USSR in unmistakeable bags.


Director: Dominic Lees, United Kingdom 2006, 98 min.

Adam leaves his hometown in Poland and hitches to London to find his long-lost brother and build a new life. The city is cold and dangerous but it’s a magnet for migrants from all over Europe who have come to make their fortune. Adam meets a beautiful Russian girl, Anna, who works illegally to support her family back home. Adam finds his big brother, Jan, who works supplying illegal foreign labour to construction sites.  Jan has everything – wealth, status and women. Adam is drawn into the glamorous life but is soon dragged down into the corruption at the heart of Jan’s world.

Rosalinds Elefant

Director: Thomas Draeger, Germany 1988, 40 min.

In 1951 refugees from Silisian get accommodation in the house of family Berger. They live in the attic: Grandmother Libudka, her stepdaughter Grete and Edel, her daughter. The refugees are treated as unwelcomed guests by family Berger.

300 Miles to Heaven

Director: Maciej Dejczer, Poland 1989, 88 min.

Based on a true story from the mid-1980s, this moving drama is one of the most important Polish films on migration and communism. Indoctrinated by their own parents, two Polish boys, a teenager and his little brother, are so determined to escape communist Poland that they hide under a truck. They believe they are being taken into Sweden to only realize later on they have found themselves in Denmark.