Treaty of Lausanne, 1923

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The Government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Greek Government have agreed upon the following provisions:

Article 1
As from the 1st May, 1923, there shall take place a compulsory exchange of Turkish nationals of the Greek Orthodox religion established in Turkish territory, and of Greek nationals of the Moslem religion established in Greek territory.
These persons shall not return to live in Turkey or Greece respectively without the authorisation of the Turkish Government or of the Greek Government respectively.

Article 2
The following persons shall not be included in the exchange provided for in Article 1:
(a) The Greek inhabitants of Constantinople.
(b) The Moslem inhabitants of Western Thrace.
All Greeks who were already established before the 30th October, 1918, within the areas under the Prefecture of the City of Constantinople, as defined by the law of 1912, shall be considered as Greek inhabitants of Constantinople.
All Moslems established in the region to the east of the frontier line laid down in 1913 by the Treaty of Bucharest shall be considered as Moslem inhabitants of Western Thrace.

Article 8
Emigrants shall be free to take away with them or to arrange for the transport of their movable property of every kind. […]
Similarly, the members of each community (including the personnel of mosques, tekkes [Versammlungshäuser der Derwisch-Orden], meddresses [islamische Hochschulen], churches, convents, schools, hospitals, societies, associations and juridical persons, or other foundations of nature whatever) which is to leave the territory of one of the Contracting States under the present Convention, shall have the right to take away freely or to arrange for the transport of the movable property belonging to their communities. […]

Article 9
Immovable property, whether rural or urban, belonging to emigrants, or to the communities mentioned in Article 8, and the movable property left by the these emigrants or communities, shall be liquidated in accordance with the following provisions by the Mixed Commission provided for in Article 11. […]

Sourced from: League of Nations Treaty Series (=Recueil des traités et des engagements internationaux enregistrés par le Secrétariat de la Societé des Nations / Treaty series and international engagements registered with the Secretariat of the League of Nations), Bd. 32, Geneva 1925, S. 75-87.